The Vegas Storytelling Difference

Have you ever thought about the difference it makes on a story to put it in Vegas?

Dude! (Source)

Think about it.  When you hear a story begin with: “Dude… One time in Vegas…” you KNOW the story is going to be badass. Or maybe someone is talking to you and, while suddenly giggling uncontrollably, they say, “Okay, so we were in Vegas this one time…” you actually start giggling with them in anticipation! I’ve done that loads of times!

I’ve been wondering lately, though, does this really mean the story is better or more outrageous?

Imagine someone telling you this:

“Maaan, I was in Vegas a few years ago… (laughing) at this bar… (laughing) and this guy started dancing with me.  Then his girlfriend came over to dance with us. Then she was just dancing with me, and we started kissing, but I wasn’t into it. I went back to dancing with both of them, but she started pouting, grabbed her boyfriend’s hand and dragged him off: “If you don’t want BOTH of us, you can’t have EITHER of us.”  (I actually didn’t want either of them – they were both too high.) Later, I saw her making out with another chick in the back alley, and her boyfriend came over and apologized to me!

(I’m a little old to go to bars and clubs like I used to, and I”m not s drug-using person, so, to me, this is an outrageous story. Don’t laugh.)

Okay. Now, clear your mind and read it again, but only put “Iowa City” in for “Vegas.”

It doesn’t have the same effect to it, does it?


This really did happen, but the second version is true. I was in Iowa City, of all places, and I’ve noticed that when I tell the story in different cities, I get a different reaction.  But why?  It’s the exact same story, just a different place.


Okay, your turn.

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