Anxious Mother’s Stream of Consciousness During Toddler Swim Lessons

This past summer, I signed Wee One up for swimming lessons. Just six weeks at the community center, I wanted her to learn some respect for the water when she’s around it.

It was the first time she’d taken a formal-ish “class,” and I had some concerns. And other thoughts. Here’s a sampling of my second week’s thoughts:


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Weekend Coffee Share #27


If we were having coffee, you would find me shamefaced when you walk in. I had stopped here earlier this week, I tell you. I didn’t have quite enough money, so I took a few pennies from the “leave one/take one” bowl that businesses often put up. `Only it wasn’t a leave one/take on bowl, it was the tip jar, I realized later. I took money from the tip jar. I felt so tacky.

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