Anxious Mother’s Stream of Consciousness During Toddler Swim Lessons

This past summer, I signed Wee One up for swimming lessons. Just six weeks at the community center, I wanted her to learn some respect for the water when she’s around it.

It was the first time she’d taken a formal-ish “class,” and I had some concerns. And other thoughts. Here’s a sampling of my second week’s thoughts:


Dude, it is hot in here oh she’s so cute where is the teacher? OK can she hear him over the sound of all this noise?

Is she following his directions? Can she even hear his directions? It is so loud and he talks really softly.

God, she looks cute sitting there.

She is doing with the other kids are doing. Is the teacher getting annoyed? I could hear him say her name. A lot.

Was just looking at me for help? Oh, she isn’t ringing to do that. What are you asking me to do that? Oh, but she’s having fun listening to her giggle.

Oh, she really does not want to put her face in the water.

Dude, scooting away from the group. Teacher, he attention. Is she too young for this?

Oh teacher, please be patient. She is so gentle and I don’t know how much she understands of what you were saying. She’s trying. Be gentle with her; do not break her spirit.

Oh, a high five. Cute.


It’s been several months and the start of preschool later, now I sort of step back when she’s in a class. I don’t trust myself to not be in the way.


7 thoughts on “Anxious Mother’s Stream of Consciousness During Toddler Swim Lessons

    1. Love it. She did. And I was freaking out about whether or not she should be there or if she was too young, my best friend, who used to teach swimming lessons, was like, all we want at this point is for her to have fun and not be scared of the water. So, goal accomplished on that front. 🙂

  1. My kids are much older now but I remember having the same anxious thoughts about my kids in swim lessons – you are not alone! I still get a bit anxious when they try something new.

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