Weekend Coffee Share #24


If we were having coffee, you would comment on pictures you had seen on my Facebook feed of our visit to Skagit to see the tulips.


Most of them have been cut down already since the weather has been unseasonably warm – commercial places want them before they get “too” bloomy. But there is a more permanent showcase people can walk through that was quite lovely. It was the first time I’ve gotten out of Seattle since I’ve been here, and it was nice to see other parts of Washington. I could see Mt. Baker in the distance, and know I was a good way towards Vancouver. I want to go to Vancouver. I need to update my passport with my married name.

Fucking patriarchy.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you about talking to an old friend, Lindsey. Man, talking to her was good. She is such a good energy, fun and loving person and she’s courageous. She lives life on her own terms, and it empowers people around her to do the same.  ‘Cause even if I look like a fool, Lindsey won’t care; she’ll love you.

I was talking to her about things I miss from pre-baby, and I miss  certain things about work: having a professional opinion, being asked my opinion, having my judgment valued. Not that those things don’t still happen, but it’s different. I think it’s mostly an ego thing, too, so I try to focus my energy elsewhere.

But interestingly, while I was thinking about this, a message came up from my Linkedin account about a remote volunteer opportunity that asked for about five hours a week. That got me thinking about volunteering remotely, or perhaps joining a board. I’m looking into that now, because I think that would be a fitting way to use my skills (have a smaller not-working gap in my resume), develop new ones and still network and devote time to the Wee One.

Ooh! Did I tell you – I talked to my guild leader at the fair in St. Louis and me and the Wee One are going to come back as cast this fall! Yippee!

If we were having coffee, I would bring up that story I wanted to finish by the end of March, the one you are too tactful to bring up and point out I didn’t finish. I’ve been working on it more faithfully this week and have finished a first rough draft. It doesn’t even feel like an actual draft, it’s so rough, but I guess that’s how we get there.

Speaking of taking to friends, you know how sometimes friends talk about “trying to get pregnant?” That essentially is saying: “I am having sex regularly.”  Cohiba told his parents we’re trying to get pregnant, and I was like – dude! Those are my in-laws! Don’t tell them this! You giggle at me. Babies, man. All rules are off when it comes to them.





Okay, your turn.

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