Like a challenge? You’ll love this

Like many of my fellow writers, I enjoy a good prompt.  (Sometimes the ideas swarming around in here are too much to organize, and we need a filter to streamline them!)  I found a blogger who is doing a 52 goals in 52 weeks challenge, and I’m going to copy it, do something like that.

Since we’re in the middle of April, there are 36 weeks left in the year, and I’m going to take on 36 goals in 36 weeks.  I like that number. It’s the square of 6, it has balance. So: 36/36 Challenge.

I like balance

Here are the things I’ll be doing:

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Satellites and Dreams

When I was a kid, I wanted to go to Mars! I was gonna be the first woman to land on Mars.

Now I’m a social worker, trying to lead my career into one of research and publication. It’s not even close to Mars, but what is the same is my aspiration to do research, to lead into new areas, and to be a daring Wonder Woman.

My own little pocket of time

Are you serious with this today!?  This has SOOO been on my mind this week!! I am so soul-drained in my current position and have been looking for how to transition into a different career.

I love research.  I tried to get into a PhD program this fall (without success) and will try again for next fall. I know I need to brush up on statistics (which I haven’t had in over 10 years), and I’ll be taking a class in that this fall, but a subject I would also like to master is economics! I love the logic in economics and the concreteness of it – social work doesn’t have that. It’s all instinct and love and humanity. <sigh> And humans are jacked up, y’all! 🙂

I’m considering some getting another master’s degree, but this time in economics! I have a natural interest in it and I think it fits well with my research and future practice interests – poverty and systems that reinforce it. I’m check out a few online master of economics programs, and Cohiba and I are talking about me doing it. I am currently plagues by insecurities.  Will Cohiba hate that I no longer contribute like I am now? What will I do with it once I’m done?  What if I start it and hate it?

But if I could take a break from life, like a pocket of time that would be for whatever I wanted to master, it would be economics.

Four Experiences I Don’t Need to Have

I recently made a command decision.  I was listening to the local country station, hearing a song about living your life to the fullest, and it helpfully came with suggestions.  These songs are meant to inspire thought, I suppose, and inspire it did, because I started thinking about things I’d like to do and adventures I’d like to have.

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