“Do you wanna hang out?” Ummm…

Whether or not I feel energized after spending time with a group of people depends on the group of people, the energy in the group, and whether they’re givers or takers.

There was a group of mostly women that I met and made art with once a month.  We all had art journals and passed them around, working in each other’s books. Most of us were social workers/lawyers/lobbyists/public health workers, and we talked a lot about ideas and social justice. We were around the same age, a few with children, most not, and differing faiths. Being with them was amazing

Being with them left me feeling energized, particularly two of them, who were interesting and passionate women.  They had a sense of themselves and how to take care of themselves, as I do.  They didn’t need to be reassured and validated in all they did, and they were willing to share of themselves.  They were also very strong in their faith, as I am, or try to be.  Though they are Muslim and I am Catholic, we were talking about serving the same God and both trying to do the best with could with God.  Those nights felt like a form of worship to me, as we created together.  I miss that group and in particular, those two women.

And then Cohiba. There is so much love between us; it feels good to be in.

Then there are other people. People who suck.  I don’t mean they’re bad, but I mean they suck energy, time, spirit – they just take. It’s more working being with them than being alone, and I can only take them in doses.

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