Oooh, too far.

Off limit humor! This is a great thing to think about today! Cohiba and I talk about this a lot.  Or rather, his witty and smart ass makes a joke that’s maybe a little too far. When that happens, we have a special ritual.

One of us will usually cite the scene in the Hangover when Alan is manipulating the baby. Stewart stopped laughing, and then stopped himself because it’s “not something that’s funny” (but it kind of is.) So we say that to each other and kind of point fingers, and then dissolve into giggles.

Not at the table, Carlos
Not at the table, Carlos

I think humor, like everything else, is best when tempered with respect.  In our house, the Humidor, while head injury humor (something I have) is sometimes okay, sometimes it isn’t.  Sometimes I can joke about some things about Cohiba, sometimes I can’t. Are we laughing with the person or at them? I think that’s the definitive distinction. I don’t think anything is off limits if we’re laughing with the person who also finds humor in it.

And speaking of funny, one more thing: Autocorrect fails make me howl.


4 thoughts on “Oooh, too far.

  1. Great post! Autocorrect fails are hilarious. I remember texting my ex and asking him to buy a ‘white playmat’ but it came as out ‘white playmate.’ He and the guys never let me live it down.

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