5 lesser-known Disney World Details

Last week, I got married in Disney World, where Cohiba and I have had a lot of fun. Before we went, I looked up some new details I wanted to find, as a way to prolong the magic.

1. In Magic Kingdom, I read that something “unexpected” happened when you curtsy in front of the water fountain statue of Cinderella holding a bird behind her castle. I knew it wouldn’t be anything as unexpected as, say, fireworks going off, but I wondered if maybe the statue would transform into something, or I would hear the bird tweet.

I don’t know how that could have been engineered, but this is Disney World. It’s magic!

So I curtsied (clumsily)… nothing happened.

I tried again. I listened, I looked hard. Nothing.

Then, a cast member (employee) walked by with a broom and a pan and pointed out where I should stand – farther back than I was standing. Then she pointed out the thing that happened and brisked back on her path.

And I saw it. Huh.

In a way, it’s true that something unexpected happened, because it wasn’t as cool as I expected. It is cool, is a neat detail, but not as cool as being able to hear the bird tweet or something else that I was imagining.

2. Another day, at the African Outpost on the World Showcase side of Epcot, I wanted to open the crates. but take a look at this:


They’re actually padlocked shut!

I guess too many people tried to do this!  Maybe trying to stuff a younger sibling in?

4. Also in Epcot, we visited the phone booths to take wedding pictures in and around them.  We didn’t try to call them, but you could. Also, just a friendly PSA, snacking on the school bread and pear tart in Norway is totally worth it.

5. At Hollywood Studios, at the Muppets 3D attraction, there is a ticket window to the right when you walk in.

Sign on the window

Then you look at the floor in front of the door, check under the mat…


There it is!  It’s nailed down (prolly for peekers like me) and there it is!

So there you have it, five lesser known Disney details that I have sought out and can recommend for you to try!  Also, if you know of other things that are not listed on here, please share them!  Cohiba and I will be returning soon, and I would love to look them up? What are your favorite “magical” things in Disney parks?

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