I Have Found The Fountain Of Youth!

You are young at any age if you are planning for tomorrow. – Anonymous

Write youthful characteristics everyone should preserve. What bring out your playful side?

Playing with Wee One every day has given me a lot of time and inspiration to think about a question like this. One characteristic that I think brings out youthfulness is curiosity – wanting to investigate it all. What happens when I poke this stick into mud? What happens when I break apart this big mushroom? Then watch the results of these questions with wonderment and a wish to seek out more.

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Are We Going On Vacation??

Day 23 – V

Vacation Destination

You guys!! I think we’re going to Disney World at the end of the month! For those of you who don’t know, after a far away trip when I was five, I didn’t start going to Disney World until I was with my now-husband Cohiba, who took me on a getaway weekend during a particularly year of grad school in 2011. (It was this weekend, according to Facebook memories – six years.)

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Le Belle Et La Bete

I just saw the newest Beauty and the Beast and it was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. (Spoiler alert.)

To be fair, the original Beauty and the Beast is probably my favorite of all the Disney movies. When I saw it (I was a sophomore in high school) I was studying French – we actually watched it in French in French class, if that makes sense – and that fall, I broke up with a boy that I didn’t really like, but I was still lonely and a little depressed, so I felt like Beast. When he roared, it was like a roar I would… roar. At one point when he said, “It’s hopeless.” That’s how I really felt. (Ah… high school.)

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The day before the big day

Todays Daily Prompt asked us what we do the day before a big day, and one of the suggested “big days” was our wedding day.  Since a coworker of mine is getting married this weekend, I have recently been dreamily reliving the days of my own wedding, just, like 6 months ago… (I just realized, 6 months yesterday!) and I hope she has a good a time as I did.

The week before we went to Disney to get married was stressful, but not too much. The big decisions were already made and settled, we had a wedding planner handling things in Orlando.  The actual day before, my husband and I bashed around Magic Kingdom with a couple of friends. These friends had never been to Disney World before, so it was awesome to show them things for the first time.

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A way of keeping my wedding memories

As I talked about in my 36/36 challenge, one of the things I wanted to do this year was scrapbook my wedding memory stuff.  Not the photographs, per se, but the cards and other little odds and ends we had gotten over the course of the (barely) year that we spent planning it. So really, it’s a memory book, not a scrapbook in the traditional sense.


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5 lesser-known Disney World Details

Last week, I got married in Disney World, where Cohiba and I have had a lot of fun. Before we went, I looked up some new details I wanted to find, as a way to prolong the magic.

1. In Magic Kingdom, I read that something “unexpected” happened when you curtsy in front of the water fountain statue of Cinderella holding a bird behind her castle. I knew it wouldn’t be anything as unexpected as, say, fireworks going off, but I wondered if maybe the statue would transform into something, or I would hear the bird tweet.

I don’t know how that could have been engineered, but this is Disney World. It’s magic!

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