5 lesser-known Disney World Details

Last week, I got married in Disney World, where Cohiba and I have had a lot of fun. Before we went, I looked up some new details I wanted to find, as a way to prolong the magic.

1. In Magic Kingdom, I read that something “unexpected” happened when you curtsy in front of the water fountain statue of Cinderella holding a bird behind her castle. I knew it wouldn’t be anything as unexpected as, say, fireworks going off, but I wondered if maybe the statue would transform into something, or I would hear the bird tweet.

I don’t know how that could have been engineered, but this is Disney World. It’s magic!

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Wedding Glee Ep. 2

I am getting married in Disney World (DW) in 5 days! Eee! I am so excited, of course for the wedding, but also for the week-long opportunity to explore Disney World!  Cohiba and I always get so much joyful play-time out of it.

One thing that I really like about DW is that, each time, I have found new things to do, things that make it more special. These are some new things I hope to find this time:

In Magic Kingdom:

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