Remember the time… Top three childhood memory pins

I have a board on Pinterest  called “Childhood memories,” on which I pin things that, not surprisingly, remind me of my childhood. They usually bring back strong and compelling memories, things I haven’t thought of in a long ass time.


I used to study the clothes they wore on the covers to get outfit ideas for school.
I used to study the clothes they wore on the covers to get outfit ideas for school.

Baby Sitters Club & Sweet Valley High books.  I remember my first Baby Sitters Club (BSC) book. It was number six.  When I got it, I didn’t realize it was a series and had five more before it.  It wasn’t until Scholastic came out the next month or so with another BSC book that I figured it out. And then Sweet Valley High (SVH) books… I didn’t read those as often; didn’t like the characters as much, but I had a whole shelf of them as a kid.  At work yesterday, in one of the donation rooms, I saw several stacks of SVH books, and I nabbed a couple of them.



There was a family that we went to church with that had a station wagon, and I remember riding in the back.  We only had a small four door, and I was always sitting up in the back seat, so to have a whole span of back-of-station wagon was so exciting for me.  Also because I was playing with my friends. Good times.



Where, oh where would I be without this movie? I adored this movie.  I had never seen anything like it, and nothing had gotten my imagination like this movie.  It made me think in a way that other things hadn’t. At the time, I wanted to be an astronaut, and this movie was just proof of why.  I wanted to walk among those clouded stars and feel the ground on those asteroid-like worlds.  I was in second grade the first time I saw it, in class.

One thought on “Remember the time… Top three childhood memory pins

  1. We would have gotten along incredibly well as kids! I adored Babysitters Club too and I remember writing a letter to Ann M. Martin and being thrilled when I got some form letter with her headshot back. I also loved The Never Ending Story, and your post just reminded me why!

    Thank you for participating in Remember the Time! Please add your link to the grid (here’s the link: so all the other participants can check it out too ;D

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