Creation and Exploration Heal a Rough Day

After a difficult afternoon dealing with prospective landlords and realtors, as well as the fear that we may not find anything in time, I took to the soothing process of Art Journaling.  Just a bit, with simple materials of markers, pens, and pastels.

I worked in a book that was originally a “comic” book of the story of Frankenstein.  I glued used printing paper from my master’s thesis research, repurposing the almost ream of paper I had gone through. This book is also a journal of sorts for a… I think I would call it a ‘Fulfillment’ seminar I’m going through at work. Creation and exploration are a theme of this book.

Like any meditative activity worth its name, the process took my mind off my worries by focusing it on something else. It allowed me a change to practice using pastels (a medium upon which I would like to improve).

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Have you done any art journaling?  What has it been like for you to do?

Okay, your turn.

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