What Would You Say To Your 10-Years-Ago Self?

I believe my letter would go along these lines:

Well met, 10-years-ago-me!

How good it is to see you looking so well!  I know, you don’t feel like you’re well, but you’ll get on track.  It’ll be okay.  I just wanted to tell you of a few things that may help over the next decade.

I tried to put them in chronological order:

  • This Christmas, in 2004, you and the family go up to Grandma’s a few weeks ahead of time, as usual.  The night before you leave, you have the option to do something with friends. Don’t. Just stay home. It’s a bad night. Or, if you do go, forgive yourself for it.  You learn some good lessons.
  • When the time comes, report Ervin’s sexual harassment when it happens, and be ready that many people will be assholes about it. Wear you thick skin.
  • Don’t go to Toronto with Topher.  Toronto is awesome, but the trip sucks.  Just break up, which you will anyway.
  • When you go to London, do a little more research in things you’d like to see.  And take the bus more.
  • When you’re in grad school (oh yes, you get your MSW 🙂 ) take the System Dynamics courses.  You’ll want to know how to do this; it’s interesting. But, you’ll have to begin early to get all the classes in.

I don’t want to go into too much detail; I don’t really believe in regret because the things that happen in the next 10 years bring you to this point now, and it’s a good point.

*Thanks, Daily Prompt, for this idea

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