Neglect Not the Wood-Strewn Path

When I’m feeling down being outside lifts my spirits. The smells, the breeze, the light… Of course, sometimes the breeze is biting and hurts when you sniff, or the light is oppressive or blinding. On those days, I don’t like being outside (Read: January and February).

On those forbidden days, I gaze at photos of lovlier places, such as to the image below, and daydream about them.

This afternoon, I found an unpublished draft from January (!) and daydreams I had about a lovlier time.

“Thanks to clicking around random posts tagged with renaissance fair, dreaming of carefree days, I started looked at a blog by Elisa Nuckle and read over a few of her short stories and flash fiction – check them out! While I was perusing her site, I found a source of inspiration for her, WriteWorld.  I only looked around a little bit – it looked like more challenges and prompts, over all writing inspiration, but I got distracted by this photo and and wanted to stretch my legs in it. The challenge called to write 1000 words about it, starting now:”

“My imagination churns into overdrive as I see so many things I want to do.

#1. Am I hiking along that path?  I might walk barefoot and feeling the bark and earth under my toes. If I’m wearing boots, I might tread carefully between the bushes to discover what might be hidden among them, like an elven village. The fog would stay behind in the form of raindrops on the leaves, and my pants would quickly get wet.

#2. Could something be hidden in that mist up ahead?

I wonder. It could just be more woods, but what if it’s not? What if I stumble upon a ravine? Or maybe a clearing of huts? Like a hunting party setting in to prepare dinner?

#3. I imagine the smell is distinctive, like vegetation velvet over the face and nose. It feels cool coming through my nose, and thick, like I could bite into it.

#4. I could climb that crooked tree on the left, just a small way, and hang out in the crux between the limbs.  Make myself a little bed there and take a nap.”

What do you think of when you look at this image?  Do you do exercises like this? What pictures do you like to look at?

2 thoughts on “Neglect Not the Wood-Strewn Path

  1. I’m thinking, a breathtaking waterfall at the end of the hiking trail. A hidden cave below the waterfall. Sturdy hiking boots, water and snacks in my backpack. And a huffing, puffing version of myself wanting to jump into the water. But fear of life puts an end to that fleeting adventure.

    1. …a huffing, puffing version of myself…” Cute. And I LOVE the idea of a waterfall at the end of the trail, and a cave! Someplace that a person can hide out. Love it.

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