The New Year’s Anti-Resolution

I’m not a New Year’s resolution kinda girl.  In fact, I generally don’t like New Year’s.  It’s so anticlimactic.

There’s no big thunder clap, and there is no set actual time that the new year begins.  For my friend John in London, his new year comes when I’m still getting ready for the party at 5:00.

(I realized this during the change to the new millennium when there was all that fear that armageddon would come with the 2000s. I wondered if something would happened, but then I was watching a parade or festivities in England and thought, “It’s already 2000 over there, and the world isn’t over. Nothing is going to happen.”)

I also don’t like News Year’s resolutions. A resolution for a whole year, that’s a big commitment. I don’t do commitment well. But on my Facebook feed, I found something that might be fun: something to do in lieu of new year’s resolutions: A “rememberlutions” jar.

Basically, it’s a jar of notes of awesome things that have happened over the year for you to review review NEXT new year’s eve.  So for me, for example, in 2014 I would have things written in like: Learned how to play Euchre. Got married. Sewed an outfit for the first time. Mastered a passable Scottish accent. Came up with a baby name.

You just write down things that make you proud or happy from the year, rather than setting yourself up to fail at a resolution. I might be able to get behind this kind of project.

What do you think of resolutions?  Do you have something you do instead of resolutions?

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