New Feature: Spark of the Week

You know how some images get you all excited to try something similar project?  Seeing them gives you energy and inspiration to try something new.  That happens to me all the time, and Creo Somnium is going to start to showcase these images a bit.

Take a look at the Golden Gate Bridge on the right sidebar.  (EDIT: I realized that I would eventually take that picture down, and you, dear reader, would not be able to see it.  Here’s a link to the original post so you can see the image.) If you look closely, you see that it’s a drawing composed of doodles. This artist showed some close ups of the image as well, just to give us an idea of their process, I suppose.

I still have other questions: Do you think the artist drew the bridge first and then added doodles to fit it? I would think they have to, ’cause they have to have a frame of it, at least in their minds

Creo Somnium is going to showcase a different image every week (this is optimistically written) to recognize the efforts of others and to spread the inspiration around.  What do you think of this drawing?  How do you think they did it? Is there something in particular that sparked YOU this week?

3 thoughts on “New Feature: Spark of the Week

  1. However it was done (and I, too, assume there must be some structural sketch the artist works from) it is extremely interesting. The technique creates an absorbing dimension to what is, after all, simple, pictorial art; but would I buy it? On balance, probably not. If it was on my wall it would probably drive me mad!

    1. I don’t know that I would want it on my wall, but I would certainly appreciate a smaller print that I could hold and examine up close. You know,, this reminds me of something else I love – maps. I can (and have) spent entire evenings studying maps and been as happy as a clam. I can just get lost in those pictures.

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