Adding Creativty through the 51/51 Challenge

When I create my annual challenges, this one called the 51/51 Challenge, I like to include things that encourage me to be creative. (Wonder about the 51/51 Challenge?  Look HERE!) To that end, one of the goals this year was to build up the Alba Garrison pinterest boards and blog site.

The Alba Garrison is the name of my guild in the Renaissance Fair. I know I’ve talked about my Renaissance Fair adventures before, (like my reflection on last seasonthat time I sanggetting ready last year), but having a blog just for the Guild is something new. Called Alba Garrison Adventures, it will provide information to other members about the different parts of putting on a good show (accent work, historical context, character development, to name a few) as well as other things we do as a Guild outside of Fair (like visiting other places).

The Pinterest boards do much the same things as the blog does, with a more visual emphasis. There is also more information about putting together garb for the character (we don’t call them costumes, we call it garb), historical information for the early 1500s in France (where our fair takes place) and some humor.

We just had our open cast call, and so far, the Facebook group of the guild has seen an increase in information-sharing on these kinds of topics, giving me ideas of things to write or pin about. Otherwise, we’ll see how big a difference it makes. I just know that it’s something I would have appreciated when I was a noob!

What do you think about the 51/51 challenge?  It’s not to late to start working on a challenge for yourself! (In fact, its, like, never too late.) Please let us know if you’ve decided to join in so we can cheer you on!

Okay, your turn.

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