Weekend Coffee Share #8


If we were having coffee, you wouldn’t have sat down before you asked me about the craft fair I did on Thursday. Oh Lord, I begin. What an experience. In your haste, you drop a large bit of coffee cake on your lap and have to run over to get a napkin. But you gesture for me to keep going, and I tell you about how small I felt when I first got there.

The tables were all the same size, but they were all decorated and looked huge. There were displays with cloths hanging off of them, and arrangements set up in the front of the tables. I just had a small selection of crocheted coffee sleeves with a few fingerless gloves. I did have a sign I drew and looks pretty cool, and you say something encouraging to that and ask if I sold anything. I sold enough to make up the price of the table and $5 more.  That’s a good thing! you say encouragingly, and ask me if I’m going to do another one. I’m not sure, I say, though I learned a lot in this experience, so if I do, I’ll be better prepared.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you about the girl who was at the table next to me, Rachel – really cool with awesome hair. It was a little dreaded and went down to her waist. She was easy to talk to and invited me to another fair she’s hosting at her ballet studio next weekend.

She had a number of different items she was selling, not just one thing, which gave me the idea that I could sell an assortment of things I made. Are there other things you want to make? You ask me. I talk about the sign I had made; I had included some Zendoodle-inspired drawings around the letters, and I had been thinking about doing some drawings to sell. I told Rachel as much, and she suggested drawing them on cards to sell so then people can either buy them to give or to frame. You agree that was very cool of her. I ordered some plain cards on Amazon that night.  You’ll have to make me something! you insist, and I promise I will.

Oh, and another thing! I tell you that an article I wrote for SheKnows was run, and that was exciting. Now I have earned the Experts Among Us badge on my blog. 🙂 It was a week of doing new things, and its good.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you about the playdate I had at my house yesterday. I have friends in Washington! I say excitedly. And our apartment is so clean. Not only did I vacuum, Cohiba and I got things really cleaned and thing put in places, so kind of organized.  It’ll look better once we get the furniture we’re planning to get (once the reimbursement check comes from the move) but it is so much better.I also went to a holiday thing with some other mom friends, and went into the trenches with them as one of the babies threw up on her mom. We all worked together to clean up our friend and monitor the other babies – it was fun.

This was a wonderful week of new things, and its good.



Inspiration From Mappy Maps

I was recently writing with a fellow blogger about my first Spark of the Week post and image, and realized something I haven’t ever talked about here, something that can give me hours of inspiration and enjoyment: studying maps.

One semester in college I worked in the copy room of the Health Sciences library at Mizzou.  It was an awesome job because it was quiet and I could read or study and not have a lot of interruptions. One night, I had gotten all my work done and had a few hours to kill, so I retrieved one of the atlases from the main floor.

I was so happy.

I spent several dreamy hours studying regions of the middle and far east so closely, looking at the topographical markings of the different lands and imagining what it would be like to travel there. Then I studied Gujarat, India, a state my then-boyfriend was from, and looked around his home town, trying to place the landmarks he had told me about in context.

I remember buying an atlas to have here at home when I first moved in, and spent several nights just alone in the recliner – no TV, no music, nothing. Just studying the pages.

Last year, at the renaissance fair in Bristol, WI, I found a vendor selling maps he had created of different fictional worlds: Narnia, Middle Earth, Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, Asgard, Atlantis, and Verona according to Romeo and Juliet, to name a few. He had drawn them on old parchment-y paper, you know, so it fit in perfectly with the imaginative (and nerdy) environment or a renaissance fair.

Happy and Sassy Lamby

In my guild at the Ren Fair, we’re going to make t-shirts and stuff for this year’s cast.  This past week, we were presented with the opportunity to come up with a new slogan which would require a new image. (Our guild chief got conked in the back of a head during the keg toss – and he was a good 20 feet away.) We were talking about other slogans, kind of playing on that incident (which could have been horrible but wasn’t,) and I drew a few sketches of a sheep in a kilt to work with it.

I don’t know if they will be used and I’m trying to surrender any expectations I have to that end, but it felt nice to do.  I’ve never tried to draw anything for anything other than my own enjoyment before. (Perhaps for good reason.. 🙂

I even gave them both names.

happy lamby                                    sassy lamby


Inspiration Engine 15 – Art, Music and Stories

This is a weekly post I do about blogs or posts that have inspired me in some way this week!

1. This post on I, Myself, Am Strange and Unusual, was at the top of my reader for a day or so, and I was inspired by it every time I opened wordpress. In this painting, i love the wash of color and the simple drawing, but especially the theme of circles that is pulled through each panel.

2. The second is this 2009 post from The Well-Tempered Ear in which the author cites a few stories that integrate classical music. As I was leaving from a home visit today, I was struck with inspiration to write the stories I see when I listen to classical music. Since childhood, my family put favorite TV shows on audio recording because that was all we could afford, and I regularly listed to audio recordings of Rodolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Care Bears, The Wizard of Oz, and Peter and the Wolf.

Therefore, I grew up imagining stories and scenes as I listened to music.  I created a whole story around the Edward Scissorhands soundtrack and would listen to it/tell myself the story at night when I was trying to fall asleep.

What did you find that inspired you this week?