I Hear That Train A’Comin

When I was in college, I went to Europe to see a friend studying in Bochum, Germany.  We landed in Dusseldorf and took the train to Bochum.  And around Bochum. Then to Amsterdam. Then to Munich. Then to Vienna where took a train to Beethoven’s house.  Then we took a train (a very long and boring train) back to Bochum, and we took a train to Paris.  The Metro in Paris was dirty and crowded, but we took it, and went back to Bochum and back to Dusseldorf.

We took trains everywhere. We missed one, ran for a few, took another too far.  We dipped our toe into four countries and had a fantastic time.  All in trains, and then on foot.  My hometown of St. Louis, and my new adopted city of Issaquah have some beautiful and interesting offerings, but forget about getting to them without a car.

In the U.S., a good metro system is hard to find, and this is something that can improve any city.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “City Planners.”

Okay, your turn.

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