How Sahara Knows She’s A Mother – Top 10


Anecdotal blogs and articles list ways to know you’re a parent or a mother, and they’re usually ironic and sometimes a little poignant. I don’t know if this will be, but I have my own list with many things I hadn’t considered before.

I had read these and found them to be true:

  • When the pacifier falls to the floor and you lick it cause you don’t have time to properly clean it.
  • When you feel a wet spot on their romper and you smell for the scent of urine. (And my sense of smell is very keen now. God help her if she comes back with alcohol on her breath.)
  • When you call your partner by the wrong name or otherwise talk to them like you were talking to the child.

New things I have found:

  • When you don’t even bother buttoning up a shirt because you’re just going to have to nurse her again soon. I lived in an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt for several months.
  • When you bounce or sway when you’re standing – baby in your arms or not.
  • When you drop food on your child’s face. And then clean it off by either licking your finger or straight licking the face. I actually ate food off the Wee One’s face.
  • When you wipe someone else’s boogers on your own body
  • I focus a lot less on how I look in each moment. I’m too busy taking care of my baby to worry about if my shirt is unbuttoned properly or if my hair is flyaway. I actually went to Target two days in a row, both of us wearing the same clothes we’d been in the night before.  That showering difficulty is real.
  • I wake up sore because I have contorted my body the day before or through the night to accommodate her.
  • I feel so weird when she’s not with me.  I feel like something’s wrong and my sense of vigilance has been heightened for the past six months. That’s not usually a good feeling, so I hope that changes.

Okay, your turn.

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