Wee One’s Christmas List


Inspired by a letter to Santa from a 10 month old baby, this week I am imagining what my Wee One would like for Christmas.

  1. Mirrors. She loves mirrors. She geeks out whenever she spys her reflection in something, and I hope that she always looks upon herself with such glee.
  2. A piece of yarn. She’ll hold it over her head, twist her hand around to watch it fall, put the end of it in her mouth. Its precious.
  3. An iphone. I rarely let her play with mine, which only increases the attraction, I know. Hence its place on her wish list.
  4. A go-go-gadget extendable arm. Something that will allow her to reach the little things like candles and keys and machetes that mom puts a little too far away.
  5. A disembodied head. Something with hair she can pull with impunity, a mouth she can fishhook, and eyes she can gouge.
  6. Paper. Lots of paper to crinkle and eat.
  7. A cord. Any kind will do: computer, vacuum, TV.
  8. Buttons. She just recently found them (sewn onto a shirt!) but I think she would like to see more. And maybe off a shirt, so she can just look at the whole button on its own.

Okay, only eight. But she’s only nine months, so to her, this is a lot. And In case anyone wonders, Santa will not be bringing her any of those things. Not because of any naughtiness but just because there are better things waiting. 🙂

Okay, your turn.

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