Time Tipping Over

I normally do a Top 10 on Tuesdays, but its late after a long day with the baby, and since I couldn’t generate anything, I’ve brushed off a post I wrote a few months ago.

There is an expression I use to refer to the middle of a set length of time (a week or whatever):

It tips over.

A “day” tips over at lunchtime, like a see saw. A week tips over on Wednesday (at lunch, to be specific). When I was still working, I would always mark the time the day or week tipped over to my coworkers, and was usually met with an eye roll.

It seems to make sense with the shape of it, too. The morning or first of something seems to go on slowly.  Like we’re climbing up a hill or mountain. Then, after you reach the apex, time moves \faster. Like you’re sliding down a hill. (Though not necessarily that

Are there any unique expressions you use?




One thought on “Time Tipping Over

  1. Interesting to think of it that way…it always seems that after lunch time we are rushing around here in excitement finishing up our schoolwork and getting ready for my hubby to get home! Then it’s craziness! Play, dinner and bedtime before you know it!

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