Weekend Coffee Share #28


If we were having coffee, I would be embarrassed to meet you this rainy day. It has been a quiet week on the blogging front, as it has been for awhile, probably all year. Lately, I have been working on 14 single pages of a “busy book” for toddlers.

There are 13 other people (I think all mothers) who are doing the same thing, and we’re going to get tougher and swap our pages. On Tuesday, I will have 14 unique pages of quiet activities for Wee One, and I’m pretty excited about it. I had a busy book when I was a kid and wanted her to have one.

In a few weeks, I’m going to a “freezer meal” swap with several other mothers, up to 10. I make 10 of the same crock pot meal that can be stored in the freezer, and then swap with the other mothers to have a freezer full of simple meals.

If we were having coffee, I would reflect on how I feel like my family has a community in Seattle, and that’s important. Church, some of the businesses (ok, the bartenders. 🙂 Friends to go out with, to help, and to lean on in emergencies. I’m really proud of us for building one. I have found an organization I would like to volunteer for, and possibly do it with a friend, and I’m looking forward to building up a more professional community.

I was so afraid to take Wee One away from family and people I would be comfortable with her interacting with, but we have built it here. Since she’s been walking around more, she’s interacting with other babies. She’s pretty well socialized since I’ve taken her out so much, and it’s precious to watch how sweet and sensitive she is with other little people. How did I get so lucky?

If we were having coffee, I want to tell you about a poster/meme thing that came up on Facebook last week that I’ve been thinking of since I saw it:


It was a little convicting, because it made me think about the way I deliberately do or do not make time for creation that is important to me, such as writing on this blog or working on my stories. I have never prioritized my creations, and I wonder what would happen if I did? Thinking about this is motivating, but the real challenge is putting that into action.

Here goes:


2 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share #28

    1. I completely know what you mean! And “evaporated” is a great way to describe it: I find I’m usually scrambling for pen and paper writing down keywords that I’m desperately grasping as the idea floats away. But at the same time, do you think it is something that would happen more easily if there was more space created for it?

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