Early Weekend Coffee Share #40


If we were having coffee, we would hug hello, glad that we could still meet, though is it a little early. Cohiba and I have plans for tomorrow, plans I’m sure I’ll tell you about, but I know they’ll occupy my mind.

I would tell you about going out again to look at houses. I saw a couple I liked, but mostly I was happy to be with my realtor again. That sounds weird, but he’s a cool guy and we have fun together. We really lucked out getting him.

We put the Christmas decorations up here at Casa In-Laws, where we’re all staying, and I was a Grumpy McGrumperson when we started, but as time went on, I really started to enjoy it.  Finally, it got to the point that I was just decorating the tree by myself, trying to make it pretty yet toddler safe and listening to Christmas music (behind my FIL watching football).


Okay, your turn.

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