24/12 of 2017

For the past several years, I have devised a set of annual goals.  I’ve usually done 52/52, so one goal for each week. Last year, I had a difficult time thinking of 52 goals, so this year, I’ll narrow it down to 24 in 12 months, so two a month.
I invite you to join me – you can do 12/12, 365/365, x/x! Just what ever you want! Then, as I accomplish them, I’ll update the page, and probably add a post or two about it.

  1. Do at least two months of blogging every day. (Outside of NaBloPoMo.)
  2. Look into preschool for Wee One.
  3. Get pregnant.
  4. Submit at least four stories for publication/contests. (They don’t have to win or be accepted, but I have to write several stories well enough to submit.)
  5. Do one of those art/wine nights. Where you paint something, and usually are drinking too.
  6. Make five friends in Cbus.
  7. Take a vacation.
  8. Go to a political event.
  9. Make and use a homemade beauty product.
  10. Complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.
  11. Find a farmer’s market here.
  12. Learn how to juggle. (Specifically, be able to make it through five tosses.)
  13. Visit the Columbus Museum of Art
  14. Take WO to Center of Science and Industry
  15. Take WO to Topiary Park
  16. Keep a bullet journal
  17. Hike at least two different trails.
  18. Bicycle 50 miles in one month.
  19. Find a faith community here.
  20. Buy a house
  21. Get an annual membership somewhere
  22. (If we buy a house) Landscape a backyard
  23. Do something to hair: dye or wrap it.
  24. Write annual goals for 2018






4 thoughts on “24/12 of 2017

  1. I remember copying some of your list last year, and may do it again this year. I am horrible at creating lists of things I want to do, a.k.a. making a bucket list because as soon as I decide I want to do something, I go do it.

    1. “Hells teeth!” Bwa-ha! That’s my new favorite curse! Also, when I say things like, “Landscape a backyard,” I’m being very generous with my definition of “landscape.” 😉

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