The Long(ish) Arm Of Didn’t Just Wake Up

Thanks to seeing posts like from a Thesis Whisper’s and an Anxious Mother,  I’ve gotten ideas to look at a review of this blog’s past year’s statistics.

There is one post from 2014 that always skews my data and comes to the top of any measurement: Last Words To My Dying Grandma. I mean, by a lot. It had almost 2,000 views last year compared to my second highest “post,” my home page, which had 739. Already, as I write this post on January 2 at 3:15, that post has had 12 of the 16 views.

When looking at search terms, these effects are seen as well. Most of them include something about “dying grandma.” Out of the top 10 search terms, seven include grandma.

  • the dude
  • my grandma is dying
  • what to say to dying grandmother
  • words for dying grandmother
  • in my grandma’s words
  • doctor who monologues
  • what to say to a dying grandma
  • date a girl without a father
  • story about grandma dying
  • laurie grandma last words

So barring that, and comparing overall blog posting and views from 2015 and 2016, is seemed like 2016 was worse than 2015. In ’15, I wrote 132 new posts, and the blog got 5,841 views by 3,909 visitors, compared to the 3,447 visitors who 4,551 views in ’16, when I wrote 139 new posts.

So in 16, I wrote a few more new posts, but I had fewer visitors and fewer views than the year before.

On the other hand, I got 211 likes in ’15 versus 304 in ’16. This is interesting, not because I’m writing for the likes but because, even though there were fewer viewers, there were more likes. There were also more comments. 177 in ’16 versus 122 in ’15. This means there were higher levels of engagement, which is awesome!

Top posts of ’16 based on views:


Thanks to everyone who had read along with Didn’t Just Wake Up! I have loved writing here because I have had you guys to talk to about it! Thank you and happy New Year!

How does your blog look?









3 thoughts on “The Long(ish) Arm Of Didn’t Just Wake Up

  1. Statistics are fascinating, aren’t they?
    I’m happy with my blog’s results. I took about 6 months off and lost some regular readers during that time. Seems a lot of people stopped blogging during that period. But since I resumed posting, I’ve discovered lots of new, interesting blogs. I think it’s ever-changing. We do it because we love it, not just because of numbers. Because numbers only tell part of the story.

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