Should I Try This At Home? Cold Remedies

It’s the sticky hold out days of winter here in the OH, and Wee One and I just went through our latest bout of exchanging illnesses. In the interest of science and wanting to make myself feel better, I thought I would experiment with a few untried strategies for addressing a cold.

Tip #1: Rub Vick’s Vapo-Rub on the bottom of your feet and wrap them in thick socks. Now, I swear by Vick’s Vapo-rub on my chest, and sometimes I even put a hot towel over it which, I think, turns up the soothing effect (or maybe that’s just my imagination.) I have friends who swear by this strategy, which I decided to try this time.

It didn’t do anything. Not that I could tell. I don’t have thick socks with me right now, so maybe that was what was missing, but no. I won’t try that again.

Tip #2: A Shower Orange. I heard about this on NPR, and then investigated it further on it’s own subreddit. It is as simple as it sounds: eat an orange in the shower. I did not find it to be life changing as several sub-redditors (perhaps hyperbolically) announced. However, there was something liberating about having the water right there to wash away any sticky mess.

I ate orange with more abandon than I normally do. Instead of tidily peeling each little slice and nibbling on that, I just it like an apple. Sticky orange juice be damned, and it was joyous.

It smelled good, too, in the warm mist. I might do it again, ’cause it was just fun.


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4 thoughts on “Should I Try This At Home? Cold Remedies

  1. I’m in Ohio suffering with a cold, too. I do swear by the Vicks on the feet, remedy. I used to put it on my daughter’s feet when she was coughing in the night and it helped. When I tried it on myself, it was such a weird sensation. When I inhaled to cough, the vapors seem to rise up through my chest and stopped the cough before I could get it out. I didn’t like the feeling. I think I’ll stick to putting it on my chest and under my nose. And now that my daughter is 16, she refuses to put it on her feet.

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