Are You Ever Embarrassed By Things You Liked As A Kid?

Oh, heavens yes,

—I am embarrassed to think about my first celebrity crushes: Several from Star Trek: The Next Generation

Both of them, actually
I know. He didn’t have feelings.

I think I more liked their characters, Smart men. So I married one. One who does have emotions :).

—I realized I’m not really embarrassed about any books I read. I just don’t think you can be embarrassed about a book. All books, even the crappy ones, are someone’s efforts at expression and creation.

—A movie I liked as a kid, I was embarrassed back then to admit I watched it, but I’m not embarrassed now: Better Off Dead

This was a little known Saturday afternoon teen movie that I recorded one time and watched over and over. I know whole scenes from memory, even with the accent of the character. Ironically, Cohiba also loved this movie when he was younger, so it was something we learned we shared pretty early in our relationship.

—The music group I am embarrassed to admit I loved as a kid: New Kids On The Block.

Photo of NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK and Jordan KNIGHT and Joey McINTYRE and Jonathan KNIGHT and Donnie WAHLBERG and Danny WOOD

It is more forgiving to admit you like or liked boy bands now, but I still wince when I see a picture of them or hear a song. Oh, but I do still remember the dance to The Right Stuff, and I’ll do it if I need to. Don’t challenge me on this.


Do you have things you liked as a kid you’re embarrassed to think about now? What were they?



Okay, your turn.

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