A Summer Bummer

I am sitting in a coffee shop in Old Dublin, Ohio, the original part of town now built up and littered with hipster twee shops and restaurants. This Tehku Tea Shop, I was pleased to find, is owned and run by a woman and an immigrant. It is a small little shop only one block behind a Starbuck’s, and I was pleased to help keep it going.

I just read a notice that its closing, and I’m disappointed.

I am not trying to toot any kind of horn, but as I am doing more reading and learning about social injustice, particularly in a way that benefits me, (a white person,) I am trying be more vocal and intentional about my part in balancing it out.

Coming here was a nice alternative to Starbucks with a quality chai and great music, and I’m sorry to see it squeezed out of its space. This is a true summer bummer.


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