Not Just Bro

I recently read a twitter storm in which one guy was talking to another about his sexism. (Read about it here.) It was awesome, but something that was slightly distracting was the wide array of names Guy A made up to refer to Guy B, variations on the name “Bro.”

I think many people are familiar with the stereotype of the “Bro.” The guy’s guy. Often the wingman in a bar. The sunglasses. The popped collar. The muscles and oiled hair. The bro.

So in this twitter rant, Guy A hailed forth with such a dazzling variety of names for said creature that I was in awe.

Some of them I knew and have used:

  • Bro
  • My dude
  • My bro
  • Broseph
  • My man
  • Stallion (Now this one is a favorite of mine.)

Others I have not heard in this context, but it works:

  • Sweetums
  • Lovelet (HA! Lovelet! Like a Love, but a small one!)
  • Fine market cockerel

A few that I have not heard of before but I still think they’re alright:

  • Titus Flavius Brosephus
  • Brocarbonate of soda
  • Proud-standing sugar loaf
  • Duke of Brobon (I added that this may be kin to Josh Brobon?)
  • Brodenheim Museum
  • Palfred the Great
  • Brolossus of Rhodes
  • Apollo, he who walks among the corn
  • Broceratops,
  • Leslie Brope
  • Bro Bonas (Formerly of the Bronas Brothers)
  • Mashed brotatos

But finally, finally… Gems in Guy A’s crown:


Epistle to the Saints of Brolosse

Thomas O’Malley the Alley Cat

And the crowning jewel… Jacques Dudesteau



Okay, your turn.

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