What Disney Characters Would You Invite To Your Christmas Dinner?

Tonight, I got an idea from Disney In Your Day about putting together a Disney dinner party. I like a lot of the Disney characters. (This is Disney, after all. We’re supposed to like them.) But there are a few that I would love to spend more time with.

At my Christmas dinner, I would invite Flynn Ryder, because I thought he was funny. Like, just on his own, he was a funny cat.


I would invite Bolda, the troll who adopts Kristoff in Frozen, and later sings to him and Anna about getting together. She’s meddlesome in that good-hearted way, and I love love love the song Fixer Upper, and she sings beautifully in it, so we could sing together.

Balou from Jungle Book. I love the way he talks. It makes me relax. It also reminds me of a friend’s dad from when I was a kid, and those are good memories.


Minnie Mouse. This is for my daughter’s sake.

Tinkerbell. Also for my daughter’s sake, but probably my husband’s, too, because she’s an engineer. They could try to figure things out, how to make them work.

Okay, your turn.

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