Weekend Coffee Share #44


If we were having coffee, this would be more of a phone meeting. Wee One and I are back in St. Louis with my folks for a couple days. My cousin’s bridal shower was yesterday, and WO and I went to it. What a long-ass day it was, but I’m glad we made the trip.

It’s the first time WO met most of my family, all save one person, and if I’m frank, there’s a good chance she’ll never see most of them again. One of the people who was there, I just don’t want her around WO. I remember her touching me inappropriately, even as recently as 2013. And WO is so curious and happy and loving, she says hi to everyone… Just no.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you another story about memories. I asked my mom about some memories, just to confirming they were what I thought. I went with my father to a friends of his’ house.  They had a horse and I rode it. It was the only time I’ve been on a horse, and I don’t think I liked it. I remember there was another girl there, his friend’s daughter; she was about my age. I remember we spent the night with them; she had a bunk bed which I thought was so cool. I also got a pair of her (clean) underwear to wear the next day; I don’t think we planned on staying overnight?

I suspected, and I wrote mom to confirm: that was his girlfriend’s house, and that girl was my half-sister. Seriously.  How fucked up is that? You know, any time I start to wonder if I will ever talk to him again, I remember shit like this.

Are everyone’s families this fucked up? Maybe not in this particular way, but damn.




3 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share #44

  1. Honestly, I guess most families are, one way or another. There is always one creep, maybe one mischief-maker who is always stirring up gossip and controversy, and, in my case, a ‘Christian’ lay preacher with her own very imdividual version of godliness. Fortunately, as with your difficult relative, we rarely meet up. If we do, things get dangerous! There’s nothing in the rulebook that says you have to get on with family. Just that sometimes, I guess, you have to bear them.

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