“I’m Going To Go Get… Nothing.”

Cohiba had knee surgery almost two weeks ago. (He messed up some ligaments working a Jiu Jitsu move he doesn’t normally do.) ┬áHe was instructed to fast starting midnight the night before, but his surgery wasn’t scheduled until 2 PM the next day. So he was really really hunger, and bordering on hangry, which is normally me.

I told him I was gonna pick up some coffee right after I dropped him off and he was like, “Gah! Don’t tell me that!”

So I corrected myself. “I’m not going to get anything. I’m gonna be sitting and waiting to see you”

And it reminded me of a day I had Wee One.

As I said in her birth story, we had scheduled a c-section because of my hip, but when I went to my OB’s office a few days before, my blood pressure prompted her to change the surgery to that afternoon.

So I couldn’t eat for the rest of the day, and I was furious. I hadn’t eaten very much breakfast, and there was a really good coffeeshop next to her office I always liked to visit.

But as the doctor ordered, I didn’t eat or drink anything. I was hooked up on a monitor and IVs all day, with nurses and family going in and out of the room around me. At one point, my mother exclaimed, “Oh, I think I”m going to go get… (she looked at my face) nothing!” I realized they had been leaving the room to talk about lunch.


Okay, your turn.

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