That Time I Went Home Again

Can home be multiple places? I think it must be possible. Because this past weekend, I went home again. Back to Seattle.

I turned 40, and met with some close girl friends (two of whom are expecting their second babies) for a girl’s getaway. It was my first time having a girl’s weekend, my first return to Seattle, and also my first time away from Wee One!

The girl’s weekend was everything it promises to be. Relaxing (except for a stomach ailment that still plagues me), fun, and rejuvenating.

In a strange way, going and coming back this time makes it easier to live away. It’s all still there. Some of it has changed, of course, like new construction or businesses, but the clouds still hang in the mountains, the traffic still sucks, the lakes and ferries and bridges are still there. It’ll be there when we get back, because I am more determined than ever to go back.

Being here is good and valuable and I think we should be here in Ohio right now, I’ll always feed comfortable in and love for St. Louis, but Seattle is my home.


Okay, your turn.

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