Music Geek

For Music Monday, I’m going to take this opportunity to tell you how much of a band geek I was in high school: Through my headphones, I’d listen to particular songs I’d recorded off the radio or other friend’s tapes and I’d… I’d…

Figure out how to conduct them. *buries face in hands*

I love watching conductors communicate with their faces and gestures about how to perform music, so I would imagine that I was in front of an ensemble and how I would move to match each “piece.”

When I mowed the lawn during the summer, I would always listen to a cassette I had made of Rush, both 2112 and Hemispheres. My favorite song to conduct was La Villa Strangiato. Oh yeah. (If you haven’t listened to this anthem, check it out.) Did you hear the different tempo configurations throughout the song? I could figure out how most of them adapted to 4/4, but it was hard.

I was equal to the task.

So when I was out mowing the lawn and La Villa came up, I would position myself on the side of the house, so my mother couldn’t look out the window and see me, and I was sheltered on either side from neighbors seeing me, and spend 10 glorious minutes flailing my arms and contorting my face.

Did anyone else do anything like this? (Please say yes.)

6 thoughts on “Music Geek

  1. I kind of did this with choreography. Made sure no one would be home for awhile, move furniture out of the way, lay foam padding down against injury, and crank up the volume.

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