The Worm Story, by Wee One

(My four year old dictated this story to me, and I’m pretty excited about it. Enjoy. 🙂

Once upon a time,

somebody was outside playing and she went to the playground. Then, she and her mommy went shopping.

There was a girl named Evelyn and her mom was named Aurora.

There was a worm in the dirt. Then, she dug the dirt into a bucket of water.

Then she found the worm in the ground and made it her pet. She put the worm in the bucket and she put a leaf in there. And her mom said yes.

Then she said, it’s time to go to a new store to buy some lunch. Then they stayed there. The store had a playground and it was named Old McDonald.

The end.

The caterpillar. With legs and “pointy things” to defend itself.

I hope she keeps telling me stories to write down; I’ll share them all with you lucky readers!




5 thoughts on “The Worm Story, by Wee One

  1. Oh, this is pure joy! I miss these days of innocent little stories from tiny mouths & hearts. My two sons are on the train to Teentown and don’t tell me sweet stories anymore. I love that you are writing them down. This will be a wonderful way to revisit them later.

  2. Dear Wee One, I LOVED your story. I especially loved that Evelyn gave the worm a leaf. 🍃 Your drawing is cool! Please tell your mommy that she should keep posting more of your stories! P.S. I will share your story with my grandson. He likes stories. And I think he likes worms, too.

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