Song as a Memory Finder

This week, there is a prompt  about a song that really affects us, and while I don’t have the obsession over music that some people have, I do have one song that… I don’t know.  I have a visceral reaction to it.  The first 20 seconds of Pearl Jam’s  “Nothingman,” affects me like I didn’t know a song could. Even as I listen right now, as I sit here and write this… My heart clutches and it’s hard to breathe. I close my eyes and shudder a bit. I feel like a balloon with the air suddenly sucked out.

No matter where I am or what I’m doing, when I hear this song, I’m immediately back in a darkened house in the dark wee hours of the morning. I was a different person that night and at that point in my life. Though I didn’t know it then, it was the lowest I would ever be – the night before the accident. The accident that nearly killed me. The accident I would give anything to have not had.

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