This past August, as the anniversary of my accident passed for the 22nd time, I was, as always, surprised by how much better I felt when 3:05 passes (the actual time of the crash.) After 3:05, I feel like I can breathe easier. I made it. Another year.

But this year something occurred to me, and maybe I’m just super self-involved for not having realized it before: August 4th happened to other people, too. You all went through the day, August 4th, but other people had big things happen too. My in-laws got married on August 4th. A friend’s wife was born on August 4th. A dear friend had her son on August 4th. He died less than a month later.

It’s a big day for a lot of people for a lot of reasons.

Some people look forward to the day.  (I can’t imagine every looking to that day with joy.) Other people also see that as a day of grief.

Do you have dates like that?

On the flip side of this, I realize as I’m typing, February 23rd was the day Wee One was born. For some people, somewhere, February 23rd is a shit day. A day they hate. Same with March 3rd, wedding anniversary.

Life is funny. Perspective is funny.

Show some grace for yourself, for other people. We’re all going through it.


Okay, your turn.

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