Remember the First Time You Saw The Ocean?

If you’re lucky, you don’t, because that means you were so young when you saw it you don’t remember. (Or you’ve never seen it, in which case you’re not lucky to have something awesome to look forward to.)

Where were you the first time? What do you remember? Why were you there? How long? Did you do anything cool while there?

I was in Southern California with my birth father when I was 16. We always went to visit his family over the Labor Day holiday, and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend a week with them and him, except they were going to Southern California and I really wanted to go. I’d never been, and I wanted to see the ocean and So Cal.

We visited some Navy stuff, walked to and from Tijuana (this was in ’94, I think), and then stayed at a resort in Palm Springs.  We didn’t spend a lot of time by the ocean, but I remember getting the hems of my oversized jeans wet, feeling the sand, wearing my favorite green jacket and plaid shirt, and how the sunset seemed to stretch on for miles over the water.



3 thoughts on “Remember the First Time You Saw The Ocean?

  1. Don’t remember… I was young. We didn’t go very often. My parents didn’t like cleaning up the sand on us boys, and we lived hours away.
    I go all the time now. And each visit is special in its own way. Everything changes. The waves. The beach itself. The birds and dolphins. Something is always unique to each visit.

  2. I don’t remember, I was lucky enough to grow up near it. The ocean definitely has a special place in my heart, though. If I am away from it for too long… it’s not good.

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