Kids Imitate

I knew this, of course, and so I have really curbed my language these 4+ years, especially around my kid. But curbing my language doesn’t mean I say nothing, and today she showed me just how much she’s picked up.

We were driving to the grocery store this rainy cold day, and there were a lot of cars and it was a bit of a mess, as you can imagine. I don’t know what I said, because Wee One picked up after me.

“Come ON, dude.”

“What are you doing, man?”

“Really, guy?”

“Yeah, no. Go ahead.”

These are all things I say to cars around me and she even has my vocal emphases down. It was hilarious and adorable and I loved it. Because THINK ABOUT HOW MUCH WORSE IT COULD BE!!!

And then tonight after we did her bedtime routine, I said I love her. Her little voice said, “I love you too, mommy.”

Dear God, how do I bottle that?


Okay, your turn.

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