A Time Of Possibility

I heard some music today that really took me back. The soundtrack to Cruel Intentions.

My ex-fiancé, (from ever so long ago) had shown me the movie, and so it was around the time that I left him that I was listening to the soundtrack a lot. It was a hard break-up, so I was feeling a new freedom.

Right after that, I sewed myself some skirts for the first time, and felt so cool and capable to have made myself something pretty.

I was just beginning my social work program in undergrad, and I had moved into a house with a girl off campus. I had painted my desk the most beautiful red and painted other little images on it here or there. I positioned it right by my window, so I could look outside every time I worked. I could also climb out the window onto the porch hang out up there, too. I met a guy named Lucius up there.

I remember standing in the kitchen of the house watching this migrate from the field out our window behind the backyard. For my birthday party that year, I threw a “Wine tasting party,” where everyone was to bring a bottle of their favorite and share it around.

I was still driving big ‘ole 70’s hoopty that I bought from my great-grandfather, and I was so poor that I couldn’t afford oil changes. So I crawled under there with Auto Maintenance for Dummies and taught myself how to do it.

Creativity, do-it-myself, friends – Oh, the possibilities.

I need more of that glorious red.

red wooden surface
Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com



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