Isn’t She Quaint? Showing Love

Whenever I’m around my mom or my MIL, I often find myself feeling unsteady, though I couldn’t quite put my finger on how to explain it. Today, I realized that there’s a scene from the show Firefly that seems to show it well.

(What? You haven’t seen Firefly? Surely know that if you watch it, any ailment you’re feeling in your body is miraculously healed and a puppy is saved from being kicked. So go watch it. I’ll wait.)

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Stolen Muse

Sometimes I think pregnancy has stolen my muse.  I am 11 weeks in and so very tired that there is little I want to do that requires more than on optic nerve.  Watching Harry Potter or other things on Netflix, keeping up with the news here in #Ferguson.  I have tried painting, tried drawing (get distracted), tried bicycling (bonk in 10 minutes), tried cooking (ugh – really? Eat that?) and, yes, tried writing (such a heavy pen).

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Dining tips… From a cat?

One of my dear friends, Lindsey, is a farmer and a sustainability director for a large dining company. The energy and love she infuses with cooking is remarkable, and it’s in her name that I talk about this project tonight.

Historically, I’ve had a pretty casual relationship with food. I liked it, it liked me. When I got in my 30s, my thyroid started processing food differently, and though I still like it, I needed to like it in a way that was still good for me. Now my metabolism is jacked and I don’t want to make it harder.  The thing is, it’s hard as hell to find a good “diet” for hypothyroidism – has anybody found anything?

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