Stolen Muse

Sometimes I think pregnancy has stolen my muse.  I am 11 weeks in and so very tired that there is little I want to do that requires more than on optic nerve.  Watching Harry Potter or other things on Netflix, keeping up with the news here in #Ferguson.  I have tried painting, tried drawing (get distracted), tried bicycling (bonk in 10 minutes), tried cooking (ugh – really? Eat that?) and, yes, tried writing (such a heavy pen).

I know it’s not nearly as bad for me as other women I know, and some days are better than others. I also have hope that it will get better in the next trimester, but the past several weeks have been a struggle.

I took three naps yesterday, two of them in the car (not while I was driving, obvs).

You know what I really miss? Sushi.

Oooooh – A rainbow roll…..

I didn’t expect to miss this so much, but the soft rice and the fish, tangy and creamy sauces – and sake!  My OB advised me to not even get vegetable rolls because they’re prepared on the same surface as the raw fish, or something like that.

So I think I’ll have to learn how to make them myself.  Any tips or suggestions, workpressers?


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