The First Time I Walked On Trembling Feet – Wee One’s Birth Story

As I’ve written before, I had reservations when I got pregnant about actually having a baby, but after prayer and meditation, I began to believe that parenting was something I could do, something that I would even want to do and that I needed to have faith. In God. In myself. In her. In other people.

Her delivery was the first (the hardest?) application of this faith.

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Processing Change Through A Painting

It begins and ends with love.

When I first learned I was pregnant, I was lost; overwhelmed by swirling thoughts of anxiety and fear. I sought insight from dear friends and internet strangers, and one idea from these searches struck me: No matter the fear or anxiety or dread I felt, this Wee One was created by the stong and beautiful love I am lucky enough to share with Cohiba.

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A True Story of Thanks: Pay It Forward – Never Too Late

For this Thanksgiving day in the U.S., I take the time to thank someone I’ve never met, someone without whom nothing of the past 17 years would have been possible.

Dear Angel –

That’s your name, right? That was the name you had in the police report, according to the young officer who spoke with my mother.

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Favorite Rituals (and Nothing Gets Slaughtered)

Sacred: “means revered due to association with (with something) considered worthy of spiritual respect or devotion; or inspiring are or reverence”

I believe that all rituals, religious or otherwise, are sacred. Rituals connect us to a deeper current within humanity, something we are all connected to, and I think that current is God, or part of God. So I love rituals, though I don’t often focus or think about their place in my life. Therefore, I’m glad to think about them in this (albeit late) response to a daily prompt.

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“Do you wanna hang out?” Ummm…

Whether or not I feel energized after spending time with a group of people depends on the group of people, the energy in the group, and whether they’re givers or takers.

There was a group of mostly women that I met and made art with once a month.  We all had art journals and passed them around, working in each other’s books. Most of us were social workers/lawyers/lobbyists/public health workers, and we talked a lot about ideas and social justice. We were around the same age, a few with children, most not, and differing faiths. Being with them was amazing

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Under the Covers

In response to the Daily Prompt in which we are asked to : Describe a memory or encounter in which you considered your faith, religion, spirituality — or lack of — for the first time.

I love this prompt. I love this topic and I love God, a loving God who has always been with me, no matter what I did or railed against them.

Like anyone, I imagine, I’ve had a twisted path to this God.

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