Love It When God Talks To Me

My mom is a woman of great faith, and she has often talked about hearing things from God or the Virgin Mary.  I’ve had one experience in which I believe God or the Holy Spirit spoke to me, and while I know I could be wrong, I believe I’m right. I think I had another one of those experiences last night.

We’re moving to Seattle in three weeks, and I’m scared. I’ve never lived outside of the Midwest and I just had a baby and am moving somewhere I don’t know anyone. I also feel a lot of guilt for talking my parent’s only grandchild, my beautiful daughter, away from them, and for taking her away from people who love her.

I’ve been praying for peace about this, and last night, something happened. I got up to feed her, still half asleep, and had the thought, fully formed in my mind: “You need to move out there to become who you’re supposed to be.”

I heard that and felt immediately at peace with the move, confident about it, even.  All day, as I’ve thought about it, the memory of that moment comes to my mind and I again feel peace. That peace is what suggests to me that this thought us an answer to my prayer, and this was God talking to me.

More skeptical minds would point out the subjective nature of this experience, and I’m not going to hold it up as proof for anyone else. It’s just proof enough for me, and I’m grateful.

2 thoughts on “Love It When God Talks To Me

  1. Good for you:)! And there’s no doubt that God speaks to us. It’s just that most of the time we don’t listen. Hope your move and transition goes smoothly…

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