Share Your World – Don’t Run Out Of Gas When You’re Exploring!

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Ever ran out of gas in your vehicle?

Oooh, yes. I was doing that door canvassing gig and was in a suburban part of St. Louis. It wasn’t my car, which is why I wasn’t thinking about how much gas it had: I probably assumed it was full. But it wasn’t. I was on a relatively busy street and I was able to pull over safely and walk to a gas station. It was more inconvenient than really traumatic.

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Conversations with Girlfriends

I’m very ferocious. (Source)

In a legitimate conversation over lunch today, the following was uttered:

“I can’t believe you said I’m a Chihuahua. I’m so mad at you right now.  I was even nice and made you a cocker spaniel!”

There are some conversations one only has with girlfriends, and they’re wonderful. Especially as I get older, I appreciate them all the more, since they’re so not part of everyday professional life.