Wedding Glee Ep. 2

I am getting married in Disney World (DW) in 5 days! Eee! I am so excited, of course for the wedding, but also for the week-long opportunity to explore Disney World!  Cohiba and I always get so much joyful play-time out of it.

One thing that I really like about DW is that, each time, I have found new things to do, things that make it more special. These are some new things I hope to find this time:

In Magic Kingdom:

1. Curtsey in front of the water fountain behind Cinderella’s castle; it is Cinderella holding a bird. I know this fountain; it’s beautiful, and when you curtsey, something something happens. I’ll come back and report on my findings. 🙂

2. Find the telephones in the stores along Main Street, like the one that sells kitchen goods, and pick one up. See what it does.

3.  In Fantasyland, try to pull the sword from the stone and you could be the lucky one to actually pull it out.

Tony’s Town Square
   4. Visit Tony’s Town Square on Main Street (a replica of the Lady & the Tramp restaurant) and find the paw prints with hearts around them near the front of the store. I have totally not even looked at this part of the park!

5. Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom   It’s a game where you run around and try to defeat evil doers with different little cards and characters you have. I actually should have put this first.  Cohiba and I found this on our last day the last time we were there, and we had so. much. fun, running around and laughing like kids.

In Epcot (Epcot is our absolute favorite park to visit. We’ll probably go there every night.)

1. Find the working maypole and working Ferris Wheel inside the park and there is a way to figure out how to make it go.

African outpost

2. At the African Outpost, try to open crates.

3. Call the phone booths in the UK in Epcot.

4. Drink Around the World and Snack Around the World – I found out about Snack Around the World on a blog post, and while I don’t think I’ll get a snack in every country, I might be doing myself a disservice by not trying things like school bread in Norway. “It’s pretty simple: sweet and soft cardamom breading filled with vanilla creme custard and topped with shredded coconut.” I loooooove cardamom. Also the gelato in Italy and Joy of Tea stand (like Kaki-Gori with sweet milk on top.)


1. There are holes all over the park and if you do something then they will talk. I assume they mean, like, a pothole or something, but we’ll see.

2. At Muppets 3D once you walk in there is a ticket window to the right with a “Closed – key under mat” sign. Check if the key is really there. Cohiba loves the Muppets, so I’m sure we’ll go back to this.

3. Next to Pizza Planet is a shop named “DHS” with several large wooden packing crates; trying lifting the lids off a few. I remember Pizza Planet.  Cohiba took me on Star Wars ride and it made me sick, and he took me there right afterwards.  There is also, for reference, a henna tattoo artist that has henna tattoos for less than the ones at Epcot.

4. Visit the Writer’s Stop – like a coffee shop.

This is going to be magical.

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