Cool Songs for Cool Kids

“Here. I made you a mix tape.”

Wow. What would I put on a mix tape for a new friend – this is an important question. Making a mix tape has never been a joke; it’s a serious business.  It not only comments on you, but it also communicates some assumptions to the person to whom you’re giving the tape.

First, what length tape will you give them?  30 minutes a side?  45 minutes a side? I think there were even some tapes that were an hour on each side. Then, you need the right equipment.  You can’t record off the radio onto a mix tape. No. The whole point of a mix tape is that the person have the whole song, unadulterated by radio personality bla-di-blah. So you have to take it directly off the CD or another cassette (that doesn’t have radio crap on it.) If you don’t have a clean version, don’t add it.

Here’s what I’d put:

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