Inspiration Engine 12 – Prompts

This is a weekly post I do to highlight blogs or bloggers who have inspired me in some way during this week – another car on my imagination train!

This week’s inspiration focuses mainly on prompts, suggestions of things to write about and do.  The first I have already explained, the post  that inspired the 36/36 challenge by Lady Kell of Kincavel.  I’ve already determined my own things to do this year (wrote about here) and I look forward to getting to them!  Wanna join me?  It’s easy – make your own list and then tell me in your comments so I can cheer you on and get inspired by you!

1. I also found this prompt for a clean house. I long for a clean and organized house.  I feel like I’m not an adult until I achieve this. This post breaks down every little thing that may need to be attended to, along with suggestions and safety tips.  Maybe I can grow up soon.

2. For some prompts, I have seen some bloggers do an A-Z challenge. Not to be outdone, and ever-seeking inspiration for new things to do and write about, I found an A-Z list of things to do in St. Louis over the summer and I think I might do it.  I have lived in/around St. Louis most of my life and I know it like I know myself. It is, seriously, a great town.  There’s some shitty stuff: it’s pretty segregated, racially and economically, and a little myopic.  You can play “Seven Degrees of fill-in-the-blank.”  Most of us are connected and know each other somehow.  And we have a shitty airport. But, we’ve got gorgeous parks, a lot of free things to do in the summer, enough people to have different interesting neighborhoods, but not enough to have shitty traffic.  It’s a gem in this U.S. “flyover country.”

We have one of the best zoos in the country, and its free.
We have one of the best zoos in the country, and its free.

Also, speaking of promoting my city, I created a board of Pinterest highlighting my favorite places in St. Louis over the summer. If your interested in taking a trip to the Lou or learn abo0ut a new place, check it out, and lemme know if you have any questions!  I’ll meet you for a beer!

3. Back to the inspiration, and speaking of Pinterest, I have frequently been consulting this post on how I can use Pinterest effectively with this blog.  I’m consulting this a lot as I’m trying to broaden the scope of this blog!

What do you guys think?  Was there anything YOU read this week that was awesome?



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