A way of keeping my wedding memories

As I talked about in my 36/36 challenge, one of the things I wanted to do this year was scrapbook my wedding memory stuff.  Not the photographs, per se, but the cards and other little odds and ends we had gotten over the course of the (barely) year that we spent planning it. So really, it’s a memory book, not a scrapbook in the traditional sense.


The wedding was in Disney World, on the Canada Terrace of the World Showcase in EPCOT.  He proposed Canada in Epcot last April 19th, and it was a wonderful terrace on which to get married.  While we were there for the wedding trip, I purchased the book I would use to make this memory book. It’s beautiful and has most of the princesses and is big, with many interesting pages I knew I could use.


I didn’t remember this until I did this tonight: A dear friend from high school gave me this card because I had read this scripture at her wedding, maybe 12 years ago. (Love is patient, etc) Though I didn’t know at the time of the shower, this was scripture we ended up using.  Now I can always remember.

I saved the wrapper from our first wedding gift, a dehydrator from my aunt. I saved all the little trinkets that Disney sent us in the days approaching the ceremony – especially in the room! In another pocket, I put postcards family members wrote to us with tips to have a successful marriage.

Will I remember these details so many years from now? Probably not.


Yours truly. This is a card that my mother made for my shower using a photo from me at 3 or so. Can you believe my hair? It still gets poufy like that.


I imagine it’s hard to see, but after the ceremony, and after we went back to our room to change, we returned to Epcot for a day of celebration. That day started by meeting my folks at Tappan Edo Japanese restaurant for lunch (Our first meal as a married couple! 🙂 When they learned we had just gotten married, like, the hour before, they fashioned for us little paper rings, shown in the center of the frame.


These are obviously just a few of the images, and and a few of the memories, but I’m so happy to have this done.  Do you like to do memory books or scrapbooks?  When you do, are there specific details or memories that you tend to keep track of?  For example, I have a candy wrapper glued in there from a chocolate I bought in Italy (EPCOT) the day of the wedding.  Do you have anything like that?

Thank you for sharing mine with me.


4 thoughts on “A way of keeping my wedding memories

  1. This is great that you are making this as a keepsake because let me tell you after many years of marriage you will forget what that day even looked like LOL. I love the idea of scrapbooks but I always get lazy about half way through so I have several unfinished ones 🙂
    Congrats on the marriage!

    1. Girl, I was looking through the photos of the ceremony and was like, “I don’t remember any of this shit.” Especially during the ceremony. I was kind of out of my body with excitement. I do remember my husband tearing up while we said our vows, which is a memory I treasure.

      I can see myself NOT finishing scrapbooks I start, that I would get lazy like you said. That’s part of the reason it’s so low-key and not fancy: I could get it done in one blast of energy. 🙂

      1. Haha yea the whole actual wedding is such a blur after all the planning. At my age I cannot even remember who the hell came and what the hell I even felt that day and looking at pictures is a fucking trip! You’ll be glad you made one 🙂

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